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Body Lotions

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  1. Pool Remedy

    Pool Remedy

    When you exercise and your skin is exposed to water and chemicals it can turn dry and scaly. Apply this lotion beforehand and it will penetrate the skin, shield it as you swim and help it maintain its natural moisture afterwards. The combination of jojoba and olive oils provides protection and helps calm skin irritation. Learn More
  2. Rejuvenating Body Lotion

    Rejuvenating Body Lotion

    This vitamin-rich cream nourishes dry skin, while the addition of sea buckthorn helps restore elasticity and firmness. Learn More
  3. Oily/Combination Skin Body

    Oily/Combination Skin Body

    A refreshing and nourishing cream that uses a chia seed, thistle, jojoba and rosehip oil to bring a healthy moisture balance to the skin. It is enriched with vitamins A, E and C too, which makes it rich in antioxidants and good for the formation of collagen, encouraging a blooming and healthy skin. Learn More
  4. Normal/Dry Skin Body Lotion

    Normal/Dry Skin Body Lotion

    This replenishing cream uses a blend of thistle and sunflower oil to rebalance the skin. Avocado and jojoba oil protect the skin by helping it maintain its natural moisture. Coconut oil brings softness and nourishment to give you a radiant skin. Learn More

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